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Temple Hills, MD

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Condition at Purchase

The home was in very bad shape. No major structural issues but the home was not livable. It had a basement but no interior access.

Size at Purchase

Approximately 600 square feet above grade plus 600 square foot basement

Scope of Work:

Added a approximately 1100 square feet of above grade living space to the home by removing the roof and adding a second floor and adding 10 feet out the entire length of the back of the home. This allowed us to add 2 full bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. We completely remodeled the rest of the home with new kitchens, bathrooms, paint, and flooring.

Size at Sale

Approximately 1700 square feet.

The story

Here at Snow Goose Homes find deals in many different ways. We found this home by driving neighborhoods. We call it driving for Dollars.

On one of our outings we drove past this little cottage with a For Sale By Owner sign out front. We called the number and left a message. We then added the home to our database of potential projects for follow up.

A few weeks later we finally connected with the seller. We negotiated a purchase price of us for investor details. We normally wouldn’t look to do a major pop-top renovation in Temple Hills Maryland; however, this home was so small that there were very few comparable sales. The vast majority of the homes in this area were at least twice the size and there was a fair amount of new construction.

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The project worked out perfectly. The home was even featured in the Washington Post. To read the article click here.

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Annadale, VA

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We found this home through our mailer program. 3 sisters had inherited the home and one of the sisters received our mailer and gave us a call. After months of negotiations we finally closed on the home us for investor details.

Originally we thought the home would need about $75,000 in repairs after which we anticipated it selling for around $500,000. When we got into the home we decided that a bold new redesign would yield a better sales price. We ended up spending us for investor details.

To maximize profit and provide the best product to our end buyer we opened up half of the main level creating a large modern kitchen and dining area. To add some real sizzle we installed an amazing double sided gas fireplace which we accented with slate tile. The fireplace opened up to the dining area and a formal sitting area.

The home sold for us for investor details. , included in that cost was new roof that the buyer requested at contract. Our total sale price was us for investor details.

The home was only on the market for about a week.

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  1. The average Sales Price is $201,925 down 52% from the 2006 high.
  2. Median salary is up significantly over the past decade and is currently at $96,800.
  3. Population growth is outpacing new housing starts.
  4. More homes sold in January 2009 than in any other month on record
  5. Interest rates at 50 year lows.
  6. $8,000 tax incentives for home buyers in 2009.

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