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Snow Goose Homes, LLC

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We are Real Estate Investors. We buy homes, land, and commercial real estate. We are direct buyers, and we move fast. We can generally close on a house in 5 business days.

Snow Goose Homes, LLC


We'll buy your home... fast... in any condition.
NO, Real Estate Commission!
NO, Appraisal Contingency!
NO, Inspection Contingency!

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Snow Goose Homes, LLC

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We have great deals on homes, and we have a list of preferred lenders that will get you the loan you need.

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Snow Goose Homes, LLC


Loans are more challenging than ever to get these days. Don't let a recent smear on your credit keep you out of a home.

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Sell your home or land and have cash in your bank account in as little as 5 business days!

We offer speed, convenience, and professionalism.
No Real Estate Commission; No Appraisal; No Home Inspector; No Repairs

You don't even have to clean or clear the property. Leave the trash. We'll take care of it.
There's no faster or easier way to sell your home or estate.

We actively seek to buy homes and other properties in Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, North Carolina, and Utah.

We are partnered with Samson Properties (Real Estate Broker in Virginia). They can provide outstanding real estate sales service and consult. List your home for sale for 4.5% percent if you don't like our cash offer. Come back to our request at any time.

Snow Goose Homes, LLC


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I recommend Justin and his company without hesitation and with great enthusiasm. If you're looking to sell a home without going through the hassles of fixing it up and a traditional sale, do yourself a favor and call Justin. For a variety of personal reasons I didn't want to go the usual home sale route, including renovations and the listing process, and everything about the experience I had with Justin was above and beyond my expectations - there wasn't anything I could have improved upon. He not only really knows homes and appreciates their potential, he also understands the challenges that people can face when moving and making major life changes, as well as the emotional issues that can arise when one is selling a home that has been one's sanctuary for a long time. Justin's responsiveness, fairness, professional approach, and willingness to help with the small as well as the big things was exceptional. He made the transaction efficient, speedy and smooth, and was totally attuned to what I needed. In a world in which it is all too common to encounter people who try to take advantage of others, Justin stood out as exactly the opposite - it was a totally positive experience in every respect - an 11 on a scale of 10. Thank you so much, Justin - I'm not easily impressed, but you were amazing!

- Rebecca Trelawney, Home Seller

"I must say I don't think I've ever met a home builder that takes so much interest and appreciation of the history of the families that are buying and selling the home. You are a real and caring person and I feel lucky to have met you. Thanks again for everything you've done."

- Dan Burch, Home Seller

"I bought a home through Justin/Snow Goose Homes. I was really happy with the experience. Justin was incredibly professional and accommodating through the closing process. The house is absolutely stunning. I highly recommend him and his company. I am thrilled with my home and encourage others to work with him in the future!"

- Katie Koeppel, Home Buyer

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Our Good Press!

We've been featured in The Washington Post, Fox 5 News, and Kiplinger Magazine.

Snow Goose Homes, LLC

Justin Pierce, President of Snow Goose Homes, featured Fox News 5 in the DC region.

Snow Goose Homes, LLC

This month Justin Pierce, President of Snow Goose Homes, was featured in Kiplinger Magazine.

Snow Goose Homes, LLC

Check out our "Flipping Homes On The Rise In The DC Region" on Fox News.

Snow Goose Homes, LLC

View video of our latest project in Arlington, VA

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Snow Goose Homes, LLC

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Snow Goose Homes, LLC

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