I am Buying Homes in Fayetteville NC

I love the real estate market of Fayetteville NC. I and my company, Snow Goose Homes, LLC, started buying homes there back in about 2018 and so far it’s been a great decision. We’ve owned homes in Jacksonville NC for over 20 years now. We love military tenants and the calm and stable south easter North Carolina real estate market.

We started buying homes in Fayetteville because our experience in Jacksonville taught us the value of the military tenant and the strong stable housing market that large military bases create. I myself was one of those military families. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune NC for several years with my wife and son when I was in the U.S. Marine Corps. Those markets have been good to us in so many ways.

We win our deals down there by trying to be the go-to home buyer. We buy Fayetteville homes fast. If a home owner calls us and says I need to sell my home fast. We are not going to fail them. We use cash and we don’t bring any nonsense. If a Fayetteville homeowner needs to sell fast, they don’t want to play games. They don’t want someone who will waste their time. So, we don’t. It’s a simple formula. We pay cash. We close quick. We pay a good price and the seller doesn’t pay commissions. Our offers don’t have a bunch of silly contingencies like inspections, appraisals, financing those other buyers use to wiggle out of a deal and waist time.

There are a lot of home owners in Fayetteville North Carolina that are military and they’re moving on orders. The military already makes them jump though enough hoops. They need a quick easy solution for selling their home fast or on their schedule. There are also a lot of accidental landlords who bought a home to live in and kept it when they moved out. Some of them just want to sell a home with a tenant in place. That’s just fine. Snow Goose Homes, LLC will buy that house just as quick.

Fayetteville NC is a significant sized city strategically located right off I-95 about an hour south of Raleigh NC. It has a population of over 200,000 people and it plays host to the mighty Ft Bragg Army base, the home base of the famed 82 Airborne.

South Eastern North Carolina is a great place to invest. The state is attracting businesses and new residence from the Northeast and elsewhere. The market is now booming. It seems that a lot of people have also figured out that Fayetteville NC is a great place to buy a home. So, I’m trying to buy homes just as fast as I can.

Our goal this year is to buy several Fayetteville homes every single month. But that’s no easy task in such a hot market. So, we are willing to pay finders fees, realtor commissions, and wholesalers. We’re trying to beat every bush. We are getting as tight as we possibly can on our margins to make the best possible cash offer. We’re sending out flyers and having virtual assistance do cold calling. It’s a lot of working trying to stay ahead of all the competition but I love every minute of the hunt.

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