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Justin Pierce

Justin Pierce is the owner and founder of Snow Goose Homes, LLC. He started investing in real estate in 2001 when he bought his first single family home that he held as a rental property. He has now completed or been involved with hundreds of real estate transactions.

In 2004 he started Snow Goose Homes, LLC as a boutique real estate development and new construction company. By 2007 they had 20 tradesman employees and a pipeline of custom log home projects. When the market collapsed in 2009 it no longer made sense to build homes from scratch so the company started buying up old homes, renovating them and reselling, AKA flipping.

Justin Pierce

The company continues to build new homes and flip but in 2017 Justin went back to his roots and started concentrating once again on buying up income producing properties. This strategy makes it possible to pay more for the homes than much of the competition. He saw a niche down in SE North Carolina around the large military bases of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and Fort Bragg. He had owned properties down there for over 15 years and those investments had been very stable and reliable income producers. In the last 3 years he and Snow Goose Homes have more than tripled their holdings in NC and Virginia. The timing could not have been better. Property values and rents have skyrocket in the past 2 years.

Snow Goose Homes will buy homes anywhere in the United States but they focus their efforts in Virginia from Arlington to Richmond along I-95 as well Fayetteville and Jacksonville NC. They are also seeking to buy homes in Northern Utah and the Kansas City areas. They’ll consider buying any home in the United States. Justin hopes to continue growing more aggressively in even more markets across the country.

Justin has been featured in The Washington Post, Fox News, Kiplinger Magazine and numerous other articles and publications. He is currently a contributing writer for The Washington Posts Real Estate section where he writes about real estate investing. He is considered by many to be one of the top subject matter experts in real estate investing.

Justin believes strongly that treating people right leads to more deals. To him, doing the right thing is good business. Everyone who works with or for Snow Goose Homes, LLC is ingrained with this principle. If you work with Snow Goose Homes, LLC you are expected to by respectful, kind and fair to everybody.


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