Frequently Asked Question

• Call our office or fill out the "Get an Offer on Your Home" tab on the home page.
• Provide us with the details about your home or property.
• We can provide you an offer that day.
• If the offer is acceptable to you then we determine a closing date that is convenient for you.
• We write up and present you with a purchase contract.
• You can review the contract or have an attorney review it for you. There is no rush or pressure.
• We close on your home as fast as one week after the day you sign the purchase contract.
 Larger deals and commercial deals may take more time to research and close.

No, it doesn’t have to work exactly as described above. We are always flexible. We move at your speed. For example, you can tell us what you want for your home, and we will try to make that work. The process will always be fast, convenient, transparent, and respectful. We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your property.

No, unfortunately we cannot. We Typically pay about 85% of the as-is value. We, of course, need to make a profit. But it’s not always as bad as it sounds. The typical real estate commission is about 6% of the home value and you won’t pay that with us. We, also, get better pricing on renovations so sometimes our offers aren’t that far off from what you might get for your home after listing with a real estate agent.

In most cases you will make more money on your home if you hire an agent and sell on the open market. The benefit to selling to us is speed and convenience. You close on your schedule. You don’t have to paint, declutter, and stage your home. You don’t have to have people walking through your home pointing out every little flaw trying to get you to lower your price.
Any investor who says they pay top dollar for a home is misleading you. If that’s the case, why would they spend all this time, money, and effort to advertise to home sellers. There are thousands of homes listed for sale on the MLS on any given day. You can go buy a home every day if you’re willing to pay top dollar. Investors advertise like this to get homes at discounts so they can make a profit to keep their business going.

Yes, you absolutely can. To be honest we can make you an offer on your home after 15 minutes of research on line but that offer is going to be a very safe offer for us.  You can counter us with a higher price.  To get to a higher price we may need more time to research the property.  We may need to visit your home and we may need to get a contractor over to the home to inspect and provide us with renovation estimates.  We will do our best to get to the price that will get the deal done.

Never! We will never insult you or your home. We know your home was where you raised your children or been raised yourself.  You probably have a lot of wonderful memories in your home.  We know that homes are hard to upkeep.  We think homes are beautiful and we strive to restore those home to their glory days to make them the stage for a new family’s story.  We know your home may have a special place in your heart and we will never insult it and we will never talk down to you or pressure you.  We just want to offer you an option.

• We buy homes in Northern Virginia.
• We buy homes in Arlington Virginia.
• We buy homes in Fairfax Virginia.
• We buy homes in Prince William County Virginia.
• We buy homes in Stafford County Virginia.
• We buy homes in Richmond Virginia and surrounding areas.
• We buy homes in Onslow County North Carolina.
• We buy homes in Fayetteville North Carolina and the surrounding areas.
• We buy homes in Salt Lake County Utah.
• We buy homes in Tooele Utah
• We buy homes in Utah County Utah.
• We buy homes in and around Warrensburg and Sedalia Missouri.
• We will consider homes anywhere along I-70 From Kansas City Kansas to Pittsburg Pennsylvania.
• We will consider properties along I-64 From St Louis to Richmond Virginia.
• We will consider properties along I-80 from Salt Lake City UT to Davenport Iowa.
• We will consider other locations as well. Just call or submit your property details via the get an offer tab on the home page of this website.

Yes, we buy buildable residential lots. We also buy commercial and agricultural land.

Yes, we buy commercial properties. We believe there is a real opportunity in some commercial real estate.  A lot of people believe that internet companies are going to kill the main street businesses but we know that’s not the case.  People can’t order a haircut online and they don’t want to buy a soda and candy over the internet.  We have a fund that specifically targets properties like Dollar Generals, Auto Parts Stores and Self Storage facilities because we believe those companies will do well in the next recession and the high inflation environment.  We will also consider other types of retail and office space.

Yes, we will buy your apartment building. We will also buy trailer parks and vacation rentals. We will buy them if they’re vacant or 100% occupied. We’ll buy them if they’re in pristine condition or badly neglected.

We will buy properties between the price of $25,000 to $10,000,000.

We will buy any kind of home. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms does not matter. We will buy townhomes, duplexes, and condos. We will buy large luxury homes and we will buy small modest homes. We will buy colonial style or craftsman style or Tudor style or any other style of home. We buy homes on large lots or no land at all. We’ll buy homes with any kind of structural problem. We buy homes.