What We Provide


  • We'll buy your home... fast... in any condition
  • NO, Real Estate Commission!
  • NO, Appraisal Contingency!
  • NO, Inspection Contingency!
  • NO, Repairs Needed. We buy the home AS-IS. You make no repairs. You don’t even need to clean it when you leave.
  • Sell on your terms and your timeframe. We can close on your home next week or we can close in two months. You decide.
  • Stay in your home after you sell for up to 60 days. Put cash in your pocket and then go find your dream home. With cash in your pocket and no home to sell you will have all the bargaining power.
Snow Goose Homes, LLC

Home Buyers/Renters

  • Tell us what you are looking for in a home. We will get it for you. If we don't have the home you are looking for, we will go find someone who does. We’ll make the repairs and have it move in ready for you. We even work with licensed contractors to build homes.
  • Buy a Home: We have great deals on homes and we have a list of preferred lenders that will get you the loan you need.
  • Rent a Home: We have a portfolio of homes for rent in Jacksonville NC, Fayetteville NC, Richmond VA, Northern Virginia, and Northern Utah. Need a home to rent? We’ll go buy a home for you to rent and possibly even rent-to-own it to you depending on State Laws.

Investment Management

  • Do you want to invest in Real Estate but don’t have the time or knowledge? We have a real estate fund that focuses on recession resistant commercial properties to protect your money from recession and inflation. We also partner with investors on single family home flips and new construction projects. If you’re an accredited investor give us a call. Remember, all real estate investment is inherently risky and you can lose money.

How to Spot a Bad Home Buyer

  • Bad Home Buyers put up little or no earnest money deposit.
  • Bad Home Buyers use assignable purchase contracts.
    • They never intent to buy your home. They plan to sell the contract to another home buyer and take a piece of your equity. If they can’t sell your contract they use contingencies to walk away scot-free.
    • To avoid this, look at who the buyer is in the contract. If the contract says the buyer is ABC Homes or assigns then that is an assignable contract. Make sure the contract states that you, the seller, have to approve any assignment or contract.
  • Bad Home Buyers have lots of contingencies in their contracts. They want a lot of ways to get out of buying your home if they can’t find a buyer for the contract or the money to close themselves.
    • What is a contingency? A contingency is a wiggle out, a way to get out of the contract without a penalty. If that happens then you just lost time and money.
    • Some Common Contingencies are: Appraisal, Inspection, Due Diligence, Financing.
  • Bad Home Buyers have no track record or footprint. Beware of the buyer that has no address, no website, no track record.
  • Questions to ask a potential home buyer:
    • How many homes have you purchased in the past 12 months?
    • What are the addresses of the last three homes you purchase?
    • What name did you purchase those homes in? If that name is different than the company you’re representing now, why is that?
    • How much earnest money deposit will you put up?
    • Who will hold that earnest money deposit?
    • What contingencies will be included in your contract?
    • What happens if you can’t close when you say you’ll close?
    • Will your contract be assignable?

Snow Goose Homes, LLC:

  • Has been in business for over 15 years.
  • Has purchased and sold many dozens of homes.
  • Can provide proof of funds.
  • Can provide references of satisfied customers, clients, investors and contractors. We keep our word and pay our bills.
  • Our Contracts- are not assignable, there are no contingencies, includes earnest money deposit.