7 Best DIY projects for beginners


Source: Tim Layton.

Do you feel like you or your partner just don’t have the DIY skills you need? You’re not alone, believe me. Almost everyone feels that way at some point.

My sister and her husband are buying their first home later this month, and during a phone call recently, she expressed the same concern. “He doesn’t really know how to do the stuff you know how to do,” she said of her husband when we were talking about the fixer-upper projects they’re contemplating.

Here’s the thing: Everyone has to learn. Even though most professional carpenters would disagree, nobody is born with a hammer in his or her hand! You learn by doing.

You are setting yourself up for disappointment if you start by trying to build a full set of kitchen cabinets Instead, start with projects that don’t require perfection.

1. Build a Wooden Bench

how to build a bench
Source: DIY Hairpin Leg Wooden…

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